House of Margaux Starts it's B-Corp Journey



This week we are starting our journey to work toward becoming a B-Corp certified enterprize. B-corp certified companys have 3 bottom lines. People, Place and Profit.

This means that we will not only strive to be a successful business but that we all make legal effort to look after the enviorment and the people around us. Be it workers or the communities in our areas.

Please click on the link to find out more about the B-corp movement. 

This process will help our efforts to be sustainable and ethical to be recognized and developed to hopefully achieve the top accrediation. 

We are working on a closing the loop for our products by working with our rental partners such as Bundlee and our new resell partners Dotte.

We are also launching our new repair kits. 

We like to think the our pieces are pretty well made, every item is handmade by a real person right here in the UK and we take our time to quality check each and every item. We use the finest certified organic cotton. Our clothes are built to last! But kids are kids and accidents happen... Knees get scuffed, stubborn stains and clothes can get damaged but rather than throwing the damaged jumper or romper in the bin for land fill.... could it be fixed?

We are now offering ' HoM Repair Kits' 

These kits will contain a selection of patches to match or clash with your little ones favourite HOM clobber. 

The best thing about the patches is that they make each item even more individual.. How about some 'Leopard Lightning Bolts' patches on some 'Girl Power' legging? or some 'Whale song' patches on a 'Hipster Sailor 'Jumper.

If your favourite piece needs a bit more than a patch then please get in touch and if it can be repaired we will let you know.

Please drop us an email and let us know what need.

Thanks Ben and Cass @ Hom

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