Sustainable and Eco-conscious

At House of Margaux we have always had sustainability and environmental impact at the forefront of our brand. We wanted to produce beautiful items from sustainable and fairly produced material whilst minimising our impact on the environment. From the very start we new we wanted to keep our packaging to a minimum and make sure as much as possible was either made from recycled material or was biodegradable and recyclable. We also wanted to use as little 'single use plastic' as possible. We have also made it a high priority to reduce and reuse as much waste material as we can.

With every sale from our website and every sign up to our email newsletter we, with the help of One Tribe Global will protect 25 trees!

  • Each House of Margaux item will be packaged using 100% recyclable cardboard, the tissue paper is recycled and our cards, tags and tape are recyclable, we also try to use 'plastic free' stickers where possible. 
  • All invoicing and receipts are sent via email to reduce paper use.
  • We use 'off cuts' to make what we can whether it be scratch mitten, scrunchies hair bands or headbands.
  • We are always open and thinking of new initiatives to further reduce our impact on the environment.